Our Mission

Revolutionary. Resilient. Responsible.

At our core, here at Naomi Vee we are bound by these three R’s.

Revolutionary. Unlike other mass producers on the market, our products are developed with you our client in mind, not the bottom line. We have researched countless hours on the best formulations for specific hair types and vow to only introduce these for our clients only when they have passed our in house inspection. You will see this by our limited additions to our line and in the quality in your final product!

Resilient. We strive in daily flexibility to meet the needs and demands of our clients. From award winning stylist and artist to the needs of our at home clients, here at Naomi Vee, we choose to deliver the performance required by all of our discerning clientele. So whether you’re performing behind the chair in bright lights of the fashion stage or on your way to the subtle ambiance of your favorite romantic restaurant, with Naomi Vee, we’ve gotcha covered!

Responsible. Beginning with our product ingredients and continuing on through testing, all of our products are 100% cruelty free! We will not utilize resources or methods that test on animals to determine the efficacy of our products in any of our lines. We also believe responsibility includes giving back. We choose to be responsible in our support of Firefighter, Law Enforcement, and Military families through the 5-5-5 Campaign, associated with our Black Label line.