Real People


Meet Charlene: Co-Founder & Master Stylist

As co-founder/CAO of Naomi Vee Professional and president of NonFiction hair care line, Charlene has created this family owned and operated comapny from the ground up. Charlene’s passion for the beauty industry is self-evident as she began her career in her hometown of West Palm Beach, FL, working her way from an apprentice to a multiple salon owner/stylist. With over 28 years behind the chair and product development, Charlene began to establish a prominent list of clientele, several of who would travel from out of state for her unique and artistic work. Relocating to Apollo Beach, FL, Charlene continued her exclusive trend and established the award-winning salon Tangle Me Knot for discerning clients. Seeing the needs of the salon’s clients were not being fully met with existing products, Charlene delved in to find a real solution. Developing NonFiction has been her passion as she is now able to offer “Real products for real people!”. Charlene’s commitment has and will always be to both the integrity of the product’s performance and the personal desire to meet the exclusive beauty needs of all clients!


Meet Scott: Co-Founder & CEO

Co-founder and CEO of Naomi Vee Professional and president of the Black Label line, Scott has dedicated his life to service. Beginning in the USAF for 7 years as a firefighter, he cut his teeth in the heat of the Florida sun. While serving, Scott was deployed with his unit to Saudi Arabia during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. After several deployments and international relocations, Scott became a civilian firefighter with the Department of Defense. Traveling the globe, Scott advanced through the ranks earning the position of Chief Fire Officer in 1999. Since retiring in 2011 and together with his wife Charlene, Scott has been involved as an entrepreneur within the beauty industry. From his award-winning salon Tangle Me Knot in Apollo Beach, FL to international travels for product ingredients, Scott has endeavored in bringing back the art of customer service, responsible stewardship, and products that do what they say to the industry; all with a focus to those who hold the line with the exclusive Black Label line.