The Black Box

$61.99 or $49.59 every 6 weeks

Loaded with our Small Batch Shampoo, BOTL Conditioner, and BOTL Repair Cream, our Black Box has the tools necessary to give your hair, beard, and skin the clean and feel you demand. This isn’t some potpourri in a bottle that’s gonna make you smell like your grandma’s  living room. These are are aromas dominated with aged oak barrels and hand rolled cigars that leave you smelling and feeling, well; fandamntastic. Added bonus: when you purchase The Black Box, the BOTL Repair Cream is included FREE Get yours today or give one as a gift to that special someone in your life. You can thank us later. This product is a proud member of the 5-5-5 Campaign and 2018-Current Sponsor with the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance

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This limited time kit contains Small Batch Bourbon Shampoo (8.5 oz), BOTL Conditioner (8.5 oz), and BOTL Tobacco Repair Cream (2.5 oz).


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