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Committed to the 5-5-5 Campaign

Black Label is a high performance hair care line developed specifically with those who serve in mind. Warm, rich, oak barrel scents and hand rolled cigar aromas dominate our line leaving your hair, beard, and skin clean with an amazing fragrance that will last all day or throughout the night. From our ground breaking Master Blend Bourbon Shampoo to our Tobacco Conditioner, you will find innovative products with uncompromising performance. Here at Black Label, we take pride in slowly developing our unique hair, beard, and skin products and releasing only after thorough in-house testing has been completed. All of this without sourcing any ingredients or practices that involve animal testing; period. Come in and see why Black Label is growing into one of the largest men’s lines and sure to be your new go to for hair care!


Producing the highest quality hair care available simply was not enough. We began Black Label with a distinct desire to unapologetically support the men and women who honorably walk the line for our country. From our Small Batch Bourbon Cleanse, our BOTL Tobacco lines, to our styling products, our commitment to you and your hair, beard, and skin has and will always be paramount.


We source only superior ingredients for all of our products, all with zero tolerance for animal testing. To our Military, our Law Enforcement, our Firefighters and First Responders, we have created the 5-5-5 campaign where we donate 15% of total Black Label line sales to charities who directly support the men, women and families in these organizations.

What’s Next?

We started out with the simple goal of creating products we ourselves wanted to use and ended up redefining hair care and charitable giving. So what’s next in line for the Black Label team? Who knows! For the time being, we’re focused on providing great products to great people. We’re glad you’re on board.

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Whether you want to give us your brutally honest opinions or tell us about your questionably dangerous weekend adventures, we would love to hear from you. Give us your best at team@blacklabelnv.com